20 November 2020

Challenge Yourself with ACUTIL QUIZ!

Acutil Quiz launches a new Filter on Instagram thanks to Isobar’s advise

“Yes, using social networks in a constructive way is possible”: is with this message that Acutil Quiz, the Instagram account of the brand Acutil Fosforo (Angelini Pharmaceutics) launches a tailored filter that challenges your knowledge with a game: few seconds to choose within one hundred questions with multiple answers on history, math’s, geography and many others! With the endorsement of Tik Tok and Instagram influencers, Acutil Quiz dares the Gen Z: “change your perspective: it's not always boring to learn new stuff!”  

Acutil Fosforo was a trailblazer on digital platforms. Since 2014 it entered social medias with an edutainment approach, a new way to interact and talk to the youngest, thanks to Isobar, digital experience and business transformation agency of dentsu. Many the ingredients to create the perfect mix for this project: new technologies, data, target analysis, valuable contents, and, of course, an irresistible creativity! 

The filter is available on the Instagram account and represents a step forward compared to the known quiz game, a veteran must have for our audience. It helps making even more interactive and instant the relationship with our people and really embraces the “gaming approach” that new generations are familiar with.

Playing is very easy: just reach the Acutil Quiz profile, access the effects section (central icon with the smile) and tap on “Try it”. 15 seconds to challenge yourself, answering to three questions and discover if you are a good student or a lazy one.

One thing is for sure, whatever is your way to check how you studied, it will be much more fun now!