3 January 2019

Isobar launches Estée Lauder Double Wear “Double Nationality” Influencer activation in Italy

In October 2018, Isobar Italy launched a timely purpose-driven activation for Estée Lauder, “Double Where”, reinforcing the Brand Campaign running across digital, social and print.
At the heart of Mediterranean, Italy has a long history of cultural, social and economic exchange resulting in a melting pot of identities and styles. Isobar Italy imagined Italian culture where “race does not exist – where every person is different and belongs at least to more than one race.” With immigration at an all time high in the country, more people are ‘becoming’ Italian.
 This thinking was at the heart of the brand idea: to demonstrate Double Wear’s large colour palette by telling the story that all people have at least a ‘double where’ to belong to, a double where that defines their identity, a double where which tells their story. 
 Daria Fano, Estée Lauder Consumer Engagement Manager, Italy said, “One of the most important quotes from our founder MRS Estée Lauder is “Every woman can be beautiful”. Inclusion and diversity have always been part of our brand's DNA. Our hero product, the Double Wear foundation, perfectly conveys this core value, featuring 50 shades to match every skin tone and undertone, for women of all ethnicities. We had already leveraged on this concept with the global campaign, but we wanted to find a way to communicate this value considering the Italian culture and so the Italian perceptive on these topics”. Isobar developed the content strategy starting from these eye-catching insta-stories to personal interviews and products reviews, connecting the big idea to the product feature, over 50 shades that perfectly match with all skin tones and undertones, and linking directly the online store in shoppable formats.
 Lavinia Garulli, Strategy and Creative Director, Isobar Milan: “Usually, makeup brands claim that their larger palette of foundation shades, matching all skin tones, is conceived for all races. We thought that this headline didn't fit the Italian culture, for reasons that are rooted in our history as well as in our current situation.”
 Isobar worked with four influencers who have been living and working in Italy for years but come from elsewhere: Albania, Brazil, US and China. The team created films that discussed their double nationality and their stories, and Italian culture from a different point of view. Team worked without scripts, letting the influencers speak their truth - and it turned out it was a message even more meaningful than any copywriter could have written.
 The team created 3 second stories in Instagram, inspired by double exposure cinemagraphs and layering photographs of the women’s memories onto their bodies to visually show the two-parts of their history. The brief was to leverage the Double Wear range to go beyond product characteristics, but rather to celebrate the varied and charming beauty of every woman, included the new Italians: women with different origins - Asian, east European and African - being proud and enriched by their double cultured soul. This is why Isobar, Dentsu X and Estée Lauder agreed to build an Instagram-first organic strategy, founded by quality content production and the power of the message. Isobar also created Isobar Talkers, a bespoke platform to scout and measure influencers activation on Instagram. The platform analysed the following of the influencers and the success of the campaign The 4 influencers saw an increase of 74.3% on influencers fanbase (366.000 vs 492.200) and to achieved +12% engagement vs influencers’ average. The content was so relevant for the Italians with double where that the composition of people who interacted with our campaign increased by 9% among non-Caucasian people, proving the message resonated with people in Italy.