12 October 2018

Isobar launches ecology campaign with Corepla, in partnership with leading Italian news publication, Corriere Della Sera

Isobar Italy has launched a powerful integrated campaign to raise awareness of COREPLA, the National Consortium for the Collection, Recycling and Recovery of Plastic Packaging, reaching 45 million people in print, 35 million digital impressions, and 2.8million views on YouTube.
The creative idea was to leverage the discussion around “fake news” to draw attention to “information ecology” and calling for a more considered use of both plastic and information as materials. To connect with a younger generation of Italians, the campaign launched on Instagram through stories, on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter with short and visually striking videos that use highly-crafted, 3d motion graphics to show a plastic model reshaping into human brain. The social campaign was supported by traditional print advertisements in Corriere della Sera, a leading news outlet in Italy. 
 Credits Isobar: Strategic and Creative Direction: Lavinia Garulli Strategic Planner: Silvia Garagnani Art direction: Gabriele Salamone Account director: Chiara Caccia Account manager: Federica Mosele Production Company: BonsaiNinja Studio Credits Vizeum: Giusy Perego Barbara Nardini