1 March 2021

Digital Commerce Webinar: key takeaways

Our February YourTech20 webinar brought you a 20-minute dive into the exciting Digital Commerce opportunity. Our Digital Experience specialists, Benjamin Adler and Luis Nunes, presented a high-level look at building your eCommerce business around the winning formula of data maximisation.

To keep your digital commerce offering competitive and ahead of the game, we need to embrace a new kind of thinking. eCommerce is no longer centered around a single moment of monetisation. Instead, the entire customer journey should consist of a series of events which all have significant impact on the customer's perception of your brand creating a holistic experience. All these steps need to be considered for a connected and seamless customer experience across touchpoints.

Your first-party data (i.e. data which is collected from your own customers with their consent) is the key to enabling and leveraging this commerce transformation. High data quality allows you to design interactions that are relevant, personalised, and authentic. By using a powerful CDP (customer data platform), you can increase the speed, relevance and reach of personalised interactions across multiple channels. Furthermore, achieving a high level of relevance and authenticity helps you to stand out among your competitors and accelerate your business performance. Previous experience shows us that businesses that orchestrated a "Total Commerce" approach powered by data and centered on customer experience have been able to deliver their revenue targets at a rate of up to 200 % higher.

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