22 June 2017

Isobar wins Milka and launches 360 campaign in Austria and Germany

Isobar is supporting the product launch of "Milka Waves" bars, a combination of Alpine milk chocolate, white chocolate and crispy balls: The creative agency in Vienna is responsible for the complete implementation of the new 360 degree advertising campaign under the motto "Ride a wave with Milka Waves".
The large-scale campaign is being broadcast via TV, digital and social media channels and linked to extensive Out of Home activities (OOH, DOOH, Special OOH) and a range of events and promotions.

"With the current Milka Waves campaign we are focusing on positioning the product innovation of the Milka brand with the relevant target groups, and at the same time combining it with the right communication and distribution channels. This is based on our brand commerce approach", as Isobar Managing Director Helmut Kosa explains the goals of the campaign.

Particular features of the crossmedial campaign are the Milka Wave events in five cities in Austria and Germany, and a series of special advertising variants. In Vienna, for example, a wavy "Milka Waves" tram is circling the Ring Boulevard. In addition, contests and special social media promotions are being organised.