Visit Scotland

Scotland Needs You

As lockdown restrictions lift and people begin planning their summer holidays Visit Scotland wanted to remind Scots of the beautiful gateways on their doorstep. VisitScotland’s ‘Staycation’ post-Covid19 bounce-back campaign.


Scotland's businesses are good to go

We needed a message that would resonate with those that live in Scotland, as well as those south of the border in England, Ireland and Wales.

Scotland has it all - and what's more, it's only a short drive, bus, train, or flight to access one of the most spectacular getaways on the planet.

For the Scots it was simply reminding them of this. That the country that they so dearly love desperately needed them to explore its shores. Simply by travelling to the next town or region, even if for a day or a night, could make a difference to an industry individual or company.


Scotland needs you

We created a rallying call that would inspire people to travel a short distance, to not only to enjoy its spoils for their own benefit, but to the benefit of the nation itself.

Only in Scotland can traveling so little, make such a big difference.


To add to this we also created Scottish region-specific adverts that captured live portraits of 16 industry individuals from every region of Scotland - which was something of a challenge when considering the limitations and barriers that social distancing presented.


The campaign was launched on TV and across social media. Starting in Scotland, then the wider UK, and then further afield in Europe where short haul flights were beginning to carry tourists from other countries.


The campaign film generated 170,000+ views on socials