A B2B digital transformation

Living Proof

We delivered a future-proof B2B ecommerce solution, which offered Living Proof a robust platform for future growth and innovation.


B2B causing bother

Living Proof had an ageing, highly-customised, stand-alone B2B platform which was draining resources, requiring manual data entry and regular security patches.The frequency of website outages was causing the team stress and frustration whilst also impacting revenue.

Having recently migrated their consumer website, Living Proof wanted to migrate their B2B site to reap the benefits of streamlining their B2B processes too.


B2B solution made simple

We delivered a B2B ecommerce solution which gave their distribution channel a seamless, self-service online shopping experience with all the functionality they needed. As part of their digital transformation, we ran workshops, simplified their processes, helped with change-management, and built integrated back-office systems.

From the initial conversation to go-live, the site was delivered in 3 months. The new site is a SAAS based platform and is reliable and robust, giving Living Proof a platform for future growth and innovation.


3-month transformation

We managed to deliver the platform in 3 months, this was crucial as the license for their previous solution was expiring. Not only did we do the re-platforming in that time but we also improved the architecture and integration of their current Order Management System, making managing commerce a slicker process for users and their teams.