Brand identity development


We developed positioning and branding for INEX - service design consultants who help businesses become a service.


Creation of a holistic design system for the consulting company INEX

The category of consultants of different levels, and especially service designers, who are more or less a new branch, is oversaturated with incomprehensible concepts and methodologies, which in the experience of TA - business - do not always lead to effective business change. As a result, customer expectations are not met, and trust in the category is lost before the customer has time to understand what the service design really is. How to communicate so that, firstly, to reduce the barriers of TA in the category and build trust, and secondly, to convince the business that we need it - the main challenge in developing a brand strategy and visual style.


Creation of a new design system

We found a unique value proposition for Inex in the market, which combined their own preferences and category standards, took into account the characteristics of market players and the real needs of TA (formulated them through communication with CEOs/company owners). Based on this, branding was born with visual images that embodied ...


New look for INEX

The company received a holistic and meaningful design system.