The Man with the scar


We created an internet series for Bepanten® Plus to grow the brand's audience.


Find a new audience for the brand

We put forward and confirmed the hypothesis that the Tattoo audience segment (people interested in tattoos) is an additional audience for the brand. The analysis made it possible to obtain data on the interest in the products of the Bepanten® Plus brand from people who get tattoos. Based on this information, it was necessary to develop a unique approach to interact with a new target audience for the brand.


The brand fell into the category Top 3. Sales growth during the broadcast of the project

A unique content project The Man with the Scar was created, which helps people with noticeable scars on their bodies to get rid of complexes and cover traces of tragic events with beautiful tattoos. They wanted not only a beautiful picture at the site of the scar, but also to get rid of unpleasant memories, leave them in the past and move on.


Tattoo for life

The Bepanten ® Plus brand moved up to the 3rd place in the market: sales growth during the project period was + 25% compared to 2017 and + 9% compared to the same period in 2018.
The Man with the scar

The Man with the scar