New Bovska Fabia


We created the first live TV commercial in Poland to premiere the 'Fabia' - Skoda latest model.


How to surprise & entertain consumers

In Poland, Škoda is associated with an older target audience. We wanted to change that perception and reach a younger audience. To compete with the content now available across all media platforms we needed to create content that was both entertaining and surprising. 


A live commercial

We were inspired by the idea that New is no longer News. So we created a campaign that would make news in of itself and put all media efforts into one single moment. We created a live ad shown through multiple media (websites, social media, TV, DOOH, cinema, influencers' channels).

Our idea was to transform the 30 second tv execution into a 2 hour long live story. We first gained media attention with the headline 'First Live TV Commercial in Poland" and then we gave people the chance win a suprise experience that would also be simultaneously produced and broadcast live on TVN, social media channels, well known Polish portals, points of sale, cinema and influencer channels with pop star concert at the same time!


Buzz converted into sales

The Live Fabia commercial was seen by more then 8 million viewers and 1.5 million more joined to watch online. The campaign social media content reached more then 15 millions impressions, which contributed towards the Fabia becoming the number one best selling car in Poland with an increase of 9.11% from last year.