The Double Where Project

Estee Lauder

We created a purpose-driven campaign to celebrate diversity in the beauty industry.


Redefine beauty

Our ambition was to turn the commercial success of Double Wear, Estée Lauder’s iconic foundation, into an opportunity to redefine the beauty industry by celebrating inclusion and diversity.


Against the category norm

Our idea was to show that in a world where identity is fluid and complex, Estée Lauder is there to promote and support the right to express themselves.  We celebrated the “Double Where” concept enhancing the beauty of the diversity through personal stories about some Italian lifestyle influencers that have a double nationality and live between two countries, two cultures and two world views. 

By celebrating these stories as case studies, Isobar helped people discuss the benefits and drawbacks of being people with a mixed identity, "a double nation, a double heart" through an instagram campaign.


Kickstarting positivity

This was an entirely organic campaign that reached 400,000 people - that was 74% of the influencers fanbase. We exceeded previous engagement benchmark by: +12% and engaged the non-caucasian audience engaged by +90% vs Estee Lauder's average audience. Positive sentiment shot up to 93%.