Let's slap the banality!


Six polemists on social networks argue and discuss about the plastic problem, in a verbal and physical duel.


Talking about plastic, with common sense. For a new #ecologiadellinformazione.

The antiplastic movement is the greatest ecological movement in history (The Guardian). So, talking about plastic is difficult because it causes anger. The situation gets even more complicated on social networks, where you can hide behind a keyboard.

But over the hate, there is a material too precious to become a waste.


Schiaffi campaign

Taking inspiration from a famous performance by Marina Abramovich, Vittorio Sgarbi VS Costantino della Gherardesca, Camila Raznovich VS Ambra Angiolini, Filippo Solibello VS Tommaso Zorzi talk about plastic and slap themselves, to reproduce the clash of the social media in a public way.


Spreading conversations

First campaign ever partnered with an editor in Italy. 50 Mio video views on digital & social. 66 Mio impressions on print. 88 Mio impressions on TV.