Il Mare Che Vorrei

La Mer

We created a project to preserve the beauty of the seas for us and the generations to come.


Inspired by the sea

We celebrated the #WORLDOCEANSDAY2019 asking people to share the initiative on the social networks with #LaMerDonation and #LaMerBlueHeart. As a result, La Mer donated 650.000 dollars to La Mer Blue Heart Oceans Fund.


The day will come for a clear sea

We magnified the beauty of the ocean with a multi touch point activation, merging reality and imagination, to see the oceans through the children’s eyes. With photo exhibition, edutainment workshops, a paper sculpture of Daniele Papuli and 5 influencers support.


Engaging people

The campaign reached over 170.000 people organically, exceeding the engagement rate benchmark by +52% and ultimately contributing to raising 650.000$ for ocean preservation.