Dipping Bucket


Bucket is a menu for a group of people and it’s often hard to find an agreement to order it.​


Raise awareness

Build the brand awareness through the RED strategy (relevant, ease, distinctive), being unexpectedly unmistakable KFC and drive traffic to stores.


How dip is your love?

Reaffirm the obsession for fried chicken and the deep love for its taste, through an eye-catching and viral content on social media, sharable as an entertainment content.


Increasing transaction

Over 14 million full views. The maximum peak of awareness in the history of KFC in Italy: 61%. + 7% vs previous month, + 74% vs previous year. The maximum peak of intention to buy in the history of KFC in Italy: 24% + 30% vs previous month, + 135% vs previous year. And a 4.8% increase in transactions!