Cena delle feste


A campaign to switch the statement of “use and throw” into "use and recycle", for a circular economy.


Make the plastic circular economy an achievable goal.

The campaign sensitizes people on the way we act towards plastic consumer goods, often throwing them away before they’ve ended their value. Only changing our attitudes we’ll reach a new circular economy.


A digital campaign, like an Italian Xmas Movie, with Diego Abatantuono.

The campaign, signed by Isobar, stages a classic family argument. We are at Diego Abatantuono's home during the Christmas holidays and the family members start debating on actual environmental issues and on insane social attitudes. Each member reflects a different generation's vision and approach to these problems and to the circular economy. They all agree tough that the only way to change is acting, switching the mindset of throwing into "recycling" and making the difference.


More than a campaign: an Italian style XMas Movie!

Thanks to a trailer style approach and the presence of a talent, the campaign reached impressive results in terms of views, overperforming the complete views of Facebook’s benchmark. The campaign was so engaging that Corepla fanbase has grown by 13%.
Cena della feste

Cena della feste