A data-driven customer engagement solution

Dah Chong Hong Motors

Dah Chong Hong Motors partnered with Isobar Hong Kong making headway towards data-driven sales solution

The Partnership

Dah Chong Hong (DCH) Motors, Asia's leading automobile dealer and distributor has turned to Isobar Hong Kong to implement a data-driven sales solution into its showrooms. 


Having invested into cloud-based CRM in recent years, including Microsoft Dynamic 365 solution, DCH Motors needed a tech partner to help to close the gap by bringing their front-line sales agent into its digital ecosystems, making use of data intelligence to drive a seamless shopping experience for every customer walk through the door.

Use of Data

The Digital Personal Assistant (DPA)

The team at Isobar reviewed DCH’s current platforms and the showroom operation, then created a tablet optimised web application that integrates every data source from stock checking, shipment logistics, product sales info, customer database, together with the showroom customer interactions. Operate on any tablet device, it is positioned as the Digital Personal Assistant (DPA) for DCH Motor’s sales agents. 

With DPA, the sales agent can retrieve product information as well as customer profile data in real-time, create conversations that are helpful, relevant, and smart. They also fill in the customer info and preferences into the DPA as the consultation continues. Not only it is easy to navigate, but the digital interface is also designed to be interactive for customers. Switching between digital screen and the vehicle display, customers can use DPA to maximise their browsing experience, while the system records the viewing data to the corresponding customer profile for marketing analysis and follow-up. Conversion rate has been proven to increase by 11% since the launch of the DPA. 

"Drive" for Conversion

Introducing 700 leads in 2 weeks

We are investing into data and technology, creating and integrated data-driven solution for better customer experience. One challenge was to bring our people onboard, to fully realise the value of innovation and drive business impact. Isobar was able to design the interface, integrate into our system and most importantly, making it intuitive and easy to operate.said Kenneth Chan, General Manager, DCH MotorsWith DPA acting as an all-in-one sales tool that combines customer greeting, storytelling, e-leaflet and CRM, we are now able to guide customers through our pre-set storyboard, making the sales process more enjoyable and complete. Over 90 sales agents are now using DPA and we’ve seen a massive jump in sales leads, over 700 leads in just 2 weeks!

Automobile shopping journey has always been challenging to decode. Lots of research and consideration go into the decision-making given the high involvement product nature. When someone walks through the showroom door, most likely it is towards the late stage of the purchase journey. Every communication and exchange need to be spot on, and data helps us to do that. The key is to be able to connect digital touchpoints, create a seamless user experience so that one can benefit from technology, without the need to operate many complicated data platforms.said Michael Li, General Manager, Isobar Hong Kong


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