F1 Brake Challenge

Marriott Bonvoy

We gave Marriott Bonvoy’s 2019 Singapore F1 giveaway an exciting and fast-paced digital execution.


A taste of F1 excitement

How do you make an epic Singapore F1 giveaway, complete with 1-on-1 with an F1 legend, more exciting? By challenging contestants with a game of reflex, fit for an F1 driver.


A winning formula

We asked our contestants to fully embrace the F1 spirit with the 1.6 Second Brake Challenge. We launched the game with a light push across Marriott Bonvoy’s social media accounts. To win the game, contestants had to press the ‘STOP’ button at exactly 1.6 seconds – too slow no go, too fast and you’re last. Those with the speedy reflexes of an F1 driver, stood to win great prizes including tickets to the Singapore F1!


22,000 successful entries in just 48 hours!
94% engagement rate and 83% retry rate.
1,100 unique players with 200 returning players.