Drag & Drop Buying


A great shortcut to aircraft spare parts


Buying spare parts is an endless line of lists, systems and searches every day.

An aircraft consists of several million parts, so to find and order all the right spare parts is extremely time-consuming. It involves countless searches, database queries, systems and lists guaranteed to suck the life out of anybody. Imagine if there was a smarter way.


Drop any list from your own system directly into Satair's store and save a lot of time and trouble.

Advanced algorithms and recognition software handle incoming lists from purchasers' own systems and in seconds compile shopping carts complete with prices, alternative products, stock status and delivery time. An innovative customer experience and the shortcut to a working day, where you don't have to spend hours searching, keying in product numbers and getting various IT systems to align.


A shortcut to a better working day without IT integrations and redundancy

  • Buyers save up to an hour daily
  • Fewer errors when ordering