We threw a b’day party for virtual idol!

Did you know that the world's first Chinese virtual singer Luo Tianyi was born in July? This electro singer has been called 'yyds' (meaning Eternal God or Greatest Of All Time) and every time she shows up and releases a song, her nearly 4.5 million fans on Bilibili celebrate. As the biggest fan of Luo Tianyi, Kang Shi Fu crispy instant noodle ‘Xiang Bao Cui’ gathered all fans online to create the hottest gift for Tianyi’s 9-year-old birthday.


This is an experience for Luo Tianyi, Gen Z, and Xiang Bao Cui. 

For the fans of Luo Tianyi, a birthday party is a rare and special opportunity for them to get closer to Luo Tianyi. With the gift of music, Luo Tianyi not only inspires her immediate fans but also engages with broader youth communities online. With a mission to rejuvenate Kang Shi Fu brand, Xiang Bao Cui has reached Luo Tianyi's fans and the broader ACGN community through campaigns, such as card collection, since early 2020. The birthday party this year created another impressive interactive experience to connects Xiang Bao Cui and Gen Z.
KSF X Luotianyi_2


Call for UGC

We took Bilibili, the ACGN platform, as our main stage and simultaneously extended the experience to Weibo and WeChat users, to collect UGC to prepare for the big birthday party. Kang Shi Fu and Luo Tianyi officially announced the countdown of the big day through their WeChat accounts, while Luo Tianyi called all her fans for UGC on Bilibili and launched a Weibo topic page, which generated social buzz and inspired fans of the virtual idol as well as ACGN fans to create their own celebration videos using Xiang Bao Cui products.
The yummiest and hottest birthday celebration! 

The birthday party for Luo Tianyi officially started with Xiang Bao Cui making all fans’ wishes come true with their self-created videos projected on to a big screen. Luo Tianyi presented a live show of the brand song for Xiang Bao Cui. In return, the brand celebrated with a customized cake made of the crispy instant noodles for Tianyi and all her fans. All fans had the opportunity to get limited edition themed products from Xiang Bao Cui Tmall’s flagship store. The Bilibili UGC page and Weibo topic page continued after the birthday party with a number of birthday party pictures and videos being released. The lucky draw added even more fun to the online bonza!
20210820_KSF X Luotianyi_1


In just two weeks, Xiang Bao Cui broke barriers of ACGN communities and not only engaged Luo Tianyi's fans who are mostly post-00s males, but also impressed all age groups from different cities across the country. The fans of Kang Shi Fu’s Tmall flagship store increased by 120,000, 30 times the increase in the same period last year. By using IP and the brand in collaboration through an online and offline ecosystem, enabled Xiang Bao Cui to transform their brand awareness and brand preference among Gen Z, as well as activate the brand personality and lead to better repurchase rate.

Next year will be the 10th birthday for Luo Tianyi, while Xiang Bao Cui and the fans cannot wait...for the next big PARTY. Dentsu International’s global experience agency Isobar & global media agency Carat led the communications for brand & IP throughout the party.