No Pain In-Games

Battle Fury Pain Massager


In China, the eSports population has reached over 440 million. However, the pain caused by long time e-gaming has become a new medical concern. As an arthritis pain relief brand, Voltaren has been deeply involved in the traditional sports scene marketing for more than ten years.

How can Voltaren leverage the great opportunity to join the emerging eSports industry to raise awareness and boost sales?



Voltaren became the first OTC brand cooperated with eSports as MDL’s sponsor brand.

First of all, Voltaren turned the Dota magic weapon into a pain relief magic tool “Battle Fury Pain Massager”, instantly closing the psychological distance between itself and the players. Dota’s legendary players and eSports anchors showcased the “Pain Massager” on four major live streaming platforms, which brought 4.9 billion brand impressions to Voltaren. In addition, Voltaren and JD.COM jointly created #JD eSports Day#, successfully converted traffic to actual sales performance.

From traditional pharmaceutical sales to eSports arena, Voltaren together with hundreds of millions of players, fight for their love without body pain!