Pool Party with SOL Beer!

SOL Beer

Isobar connected SOL brand spirit "Enjoy the Sunshine" with the "Pool Party" scene, and lighted up the mood of the people in the post-epidemic phase.


In 1899, a brewery named EI Salte Agus was born near the highest point in Mexico. To pay tribute to the sun, the nascent beer was given the brand name "SOL", which means "sun" in Spanish. The power of the sun has been deeply blended into its DNA. SOL beer’s clear, light-golden color (like bright sunshine), as well as its unique refreshing taste, have been passed down to this day.  

In 2020, at Shanghai Xijiao Manor, SOL has re-created its brand spirit of "Enjoy the Sunshine" by launching a grand summer pool party with special drinks and music to create exclusive brand scenes so as to light up the mood of the people in the post-epidemic phase.

Throughout the COVID-19 lockdown , there is an increasing need for a sense of ritual to instill in people’s expectations and beliefs the sense of a brighter future; to reward tired bodies, as well as to encourage each other to embark on a brighter future by means of tacit celebration. We capture consumers’ pain point at this stage — to help them reconnect to the positive energy and to win their favor of the brand.



SOL cooperates with top club Dreamstate China to set off the pool party with a great vibe, leading urban residents to discover the sunshine and positive energy in minds in the post-epidemic phase. Channel partners, media KOLs and KOCs are invited to the party, with social media as the key communication platform. At the same time, official H5 recruitment along with KOL promotion warm-up has attracted a large number of consumers in participation. In this way, SOL has not only successfully enhanced its brand awareness, stimulated word-of-mouth communication among consumers, but also promoted offline channel marketing.



Isobar successfully made a correlation between SOL brand spirit "Enjoy the Sunshine" and the "Pool Party" scene, delivering a positive image of SOL brand that is of sunshine, vitality and urban life to consumers.