Waterproof Your Love


We promoted the waterproof Huawei Mate 10 by sharing it's functionality in a touching story of a fireman and his daughter.


Creating brand loyalty

With the upgrade of HUAWEI Mate 10, we need to create an powerful campaign to convince people to switch to the high-end handset. We wanted to inspire people between the ages of 35-45 and produce a creative that would connect with them emotionally.


Evocative storytelling

Our idea was to differentiate the brand by promoting how the product is waterproof. The scene opens with a fireman video calling his wife and daughter. Upon seeing her dad’s darkened face, the little girl takes the phone to the tap trying to help clean her dad’s face on the screen. You can see tears of joy in the fireman’s eyes.


Creating connections

This low-budget campaign gained empathy from millions of families and was highly appreciated and promoted by Fire Control Department across China.

Within two months after the campaign launch, the results were transformational:
2.25 billion views on TV and online media.
63.3 million online plays
5.17 million views on social media