Groundhog & Eagle


​We created an eye-catching, highly crafted advert to bring to life a functional benefit of the latest Huawei phone.


Functional promotions?

HUAWEI Mate 20 launched its new flagship smartphone that introduced an built-in HiVision AI-enabled feature that can detect calories in food. But how could we increase ROI and launch a new product by promoting this very functional feature of the handset? 


Digitally crafted stories

We knew we needed to create a story that could bring this feature to life. We knew that 'AI-powered calorie recognition' sounded distressing, so we created a cartoon to playfully capture how the functional feature might be used. 

In the story of the ad, we illustrated users needs through a groundhog representing obesity, and an eagle representing fitness enthusiasts. By using the phone’s calorie counter feature, the groundhog survived the action by hiding behind the camera and its high calorie reading.


Going Viral

An hour after the video launched on WeChat the video hit over 100,000 impressions.