Star Awards 2020

Marketing Society

Serving up a tasty brand campaign for the Star Awards in 2020.


A Unique Look for a Unique Year

The Marketing Society set us the task to create 2020's brand campaign for the Star Awards. Every year, the campaign adopts a completely fresh look and feel. Our approach was based around a pop-up style food restaurant, after all, it's only around for 2020 so a pop-up style design felt even more relevant. The awards celebrate the best of the best in work and people, which meant we wanted the campaign to feel fresh, vibrant and full of life both visually and in the tone of the copy. We pulled in references to pop-up vans and hangouts, and with the language from the world of restaurants and food, our campaign was ready to tuck into.

As the year progressed, it became clear that the awards would need to be held virtually, therefore all communications leading up to the event needed to be simple, eye-catching and flexible to suit the ever-evolving situation.


Bright, Bold and Anything but Bland

Since this was primarily a digital campaign, we created an identity that grabbed the attention of viewers in a playful and friendly way. A bright and warm colour palette, bold typography, eye-catching headlines and hand-drawn illustrations combine for a campaign that whets the appetite and leaves a lasting impression.

This kit of parts translated to submission and award nomination booklets as well as on social media across all major social channels. The key in every instance was to communicate the important award information throughout the year but to do so in a way that made the viewer smile.


A Mouth-watering Campaign

In the end, the event was held virtually with branded boxes posted out to all of the nominees.

The vibrant identity could be seen on Zoom backgrounds, announcement screens and as the large digital backdrop for the events headquarters.

And the cherry on top? Our very own Whitespacer Liah Moss took home the 'Creative Rising Star' award!