Breast for Breast


To demonstrate Kenchic commitment to health we created a chicken recipe card to remind people about breast self-examination during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


A country-wide moment

Kenchic believes in spreading the message of good health through delicious and healthy recipes. The team knew that 40,000 women in Kenya are diagnosed with breast cancer every year with even more going undiagnosed. During breast Cancer awareness month, Kenchic wanted to take their message of good health one step further.


A powerful reminder

Every day, millions of people go online to watch food recipe videos. As Kenya's healthiest chicken brand, Isobar worked with Kenchic to take what seemed to be a normal recipe video and turn it into a step-by-step breast cancer self check video. This content encouraged kenchic foodies to check themselves and inspire their loved ones to check too. We extended the campaign to shoppers through self-check guides on chicken breast packs sold throughout the month kenchic.