Empowering HBO's Success


We delivered rich, intuitive, multi-channel experiences to millions of HBO fans.


Innovating in the digital space

As viewers shift to an always-connected lifestyle, HBO needed to innovate in the digital space much the same way they did with cable. With a leading entertainment media platform, HBO needed a full multi-channel content delivery redesign to enable production team meet their goals for fan engagement and reach. They had many disparate digital properties and sought to deliver the brand across a diverse set of digital platforms by balancing time to market, innovative functionality and unified digital experience — while leveraging new relationships to form strategic promotional partnerships.


"The only TV network to delight with digital." - Fast Company

Isobar provided a strategy for HBO’s digital path and used Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Target to create rich, intuitive, multi-channel experiences that engage millions of fans. We created a single, consistent and streamlined content creation and publication system along with a digital data and optimization platform that enables HBO content creators and producers to deliver a modern, responsive design and experience.

Our 5-year relationship continues to this day and represents the true realization of multi-channel strategy from User Experience, Operational and Technical perspectives. HBO.com sits at the core of the experience, realizing the brand and creative vision, while iPad, iPhone, Android, ETV and other offerings are fed by the same underlying structure. Strategically extending the core experience, we helped HBO conceive of and realize the HBO Mobile Suite, HBO Social, HBO GO and HBO Screening Room.