Back Your Future


We created a campaign to promote ICEA LION's belief in the power of human potential.


Promoting change

It has been proven that the biggest obstacle for Kenyan youth in achieving their dreams is regularly investing in themselves. So how could ICEA LION demonstrate their belief in the power of human potential to a young kenyan audience?


Inspiring the next generation

We created #backyourfuture an integrated digital campaign that communicated how ICEA LION will invest in you by showing you how to grow and protect your wealth. Through a campaign platform, OOH, digital video and social content, we demonstrated that ICEA is focused on young people's success. We created 15 career executions to inspire people to dream, and provided expert advice through our content.


Making a connection

Our campaign platform had 200,000 visitors and 100,000 engagements within the first couple of months with over 1 million impressions on social.