Jaakko Koskinen

Creative Director

An award-winning creative thinker with a B.A. in screenwriting, Jaakko joined Isobar in Helsinki in 2017 as a Senior Creative Copywriter, before taking the role of Creative Director in 2019. With over 8 years of experience in creating content, Jaakko has also lectured on digital brand storytelling and content strategy at Aalto University and Aalto PRO.

Jaakko likes to think of Isobar's creative team as a seer of phenomena, a detector of emotion and a connector of brands and people, driven by finding truths and turning them into captivating concepts that transform businesses and the way we act or think.

As a human-centric creative leader, Jaakko excels in connecting storylines of people and brands in a world of constant transformation, inspired by the essence of the brands, the cultures and the knowledge we get from data.