Becoming your own customer for a day


In one day, leaders went through real customer experiences first-hand and used these fresh insights to develop a greater connection with their clients.


How can decision makers get closer to their customers?

Companies are often unable to get a clear idea on how customers view them. Though they do their best by relying on research and experts, due to their position, they are generally unable to get an honest feedback from customers and shop employees. Also they tend to believe that brand perceptions are influenced by what they communicate and much less by what the everyday customer experience is.


An event when leaders can compare their brand intentions with reality

We wanted managers of Hungarian Telekom to get a genuine idea about what it’s like to be a regular Telekom customer. We created a day where leaders could go through these experiences and collect their intentions and insights.



An action plan for meaningful change

Members of the team evaluated their brand based on first hand experiences and came up with an action plan for improvements.