28 March 2022

Brand Commerce Meetup:LINE X Shopify X Isobar

As customer experience has become the most important competitive edge of every brand, especially in the context of literally 'commerce everywhere', Isobar decides to lunch a brand new strategy for brand commerce using the most popular chatting app in Taiwan, LINE, to build a closed loop inbound marketing automation with Shopify Plus.

As the partner with LINE and Shopify, we see opportunity in combining both tech stacks - chatting and commerce, by leveraging the auto-login of LINE membership and the powerful workflow automation of Shopify.

Simply by the combination of the chatting app, brands will be able to be friended by the most popular app of LINE, and chat in-LINE with the consumers, then create the opportunity for conversion with Shopify, bringing the moment of inspiration to the moment of transaction seamlessly.

The Brand Commerce Meetup will be held at Isobar Taiwan on April 7th. See more information on the Meetup Event page .