Electrified: Mercedes-Benz EQA Car Show

Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong and Zung Fu

Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong and Zung Fu unveils the newest EQA model with an electrifying musical experience


Electric vehicles are boring. Same drive. Same barren designs. Same frunk. Mercedes-Benz EQA changes it all with ‘progressive luxury’, combining EV technology with the ‘luxurious cool’.

Creative Idea & Execution

To launch the EQA, Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong & Zung Fu engages with Isobar to make the electric vehicle electrifying again. How? By creating a massive jukebox that can play music with lightning! Of course, the all-new EQA was front and center in this audio and visual spectacle.

We discovered that in order to get the Electrical Resonant Coils, a set of electric current emitters to play music using electric arcs, we needed to marry the hardware with cutting–edge software: Open-source AI.

Using Open-source AI, we scanned every note and beat of a song against a massive sound library, isolated and extracted it by up to 5 instrumental and vocal streams. We repeated this procedure for 11 pre-selected popular songs.

Let us explain the science behind all this. Electrical Resonant Coils use alternating currents to emit arcs of electricity thousands of times per second. These electric arcs heat up and vibrate surrounding air molecules to create a change in the atmospheric pressure. These pressures eventually become music to our ears.

Afterwards, we simply needed to stream our AI-extracted music through the coils to create what we called electrified music – yes, songs played with bolts of electricity!

When our electrified music was ready to enthrall our audience, we then created a sleek and stylish Jukebox in one of Hong Kong’s busiest malls and put the entire installation together.

We completed the whole campaign with a mobile-first channel strategy by offering a reversed O2O (Offline to Online) experience, by bringing our audience from reality to the digital universe.

Fans simply scanned the QR codes that led to a WhatsApp chatbot to select and play their favorite electrified music in the Jukebox. This helped us to gather a ton of mobile leads organically.



50,000+ pedestrian flow over 3 days Hundreds of sales leads in 3 days

The 3-day event has drawn great awareness from the shoppers and Mercedes-Benz fans to queue up to experience the EQA up-close and reserving for test drives. The campaign helped immensely to garner sales leads via both offline and online activations.