Real Friends


We helped Vitasoy reach the hard to penetrate millennial audience with a fully integrated, socially driven O2O campaign.


Start the conversation

Millennials are notorious for keeping to themselves. Vitasoy needed a way to break the ice and get their product into millennial conversations and become a brand they could associate with.


Vitasoy Real Friends

Taking the insight that friendships are based on real honest truth, we developed a campaign that asked millennials to celebrate friendships in their quirky real ways – teasing, taunting and telling it like it is. We started by printing witty truths about friendships on Vitasoy drink packs to create interest. Online, we asked people to create their own friendship statements with their besties using #RealFriendsRealTalk. The best contributions were displayed on a live digital broadcast billboard for friends to see and celebrate their amazing friendships with.


A new bond

In just 6 weeks, we reached over 3 million unique users across Facebook and Instagram. Vitasoy enjoyed 6,000 new followers. Sales spiked a whopping 7%. Most importantly, Vitasoy now had a special place in the lives of millennials.