Progressive. Like Audi. Like You.

Audi Hong Kong

Both Audi and Hong Kong share a progressive spirit that drives them to the top. To communicate this Audi spirit, we launched Audi HK’s first integrated brand campaign.


Connect with drivers

On Hong Kong roads, luxury cars are aplenty. So how can Audi break away from the rest of the pack when everyone else is also talking about performance, comfort and technology? Audi needed to get personal with Hong Kong people, by winning them over with an emotional connection and not just specs.


A 360 integrated campaign

In order to build a connection with Hong Kong’s people, we created a weather forecast widget that directly linked Audi’s spirit with everyday life. In addition, an interactive timeline showcased key milestones from Audi and Hong Kong.

Brand content focuses on 4 key aspects: Audi ultra, Audi quattro, Audi Sport and Audi Destination. We engaged the public by Find your Audi. – a facial detection engagement that matches you to your perfect Audi.


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