Iron Man Experience

Disneyland Hong Kong

We used Google Street View to immerse Marvel fans in an epic battle between good and evil.


Calling all superheroes

To entice people to visit the new ride we knew we had to give them a taste of the excitement they could feel outside of Disneyland. A simple video wouldn’t be enough, so we looked to Google Street View and the immersive power of a 360-degree experience to help show just how awesome the attraction would be.


A 360-degree video experience

The campaign hosted two sites, each with the goal of boosting ticket sales. We began with a 360-degree video experience that allowed fans, through geo-fencing and Google Street View API, to witness the battle at any location of their choosing. Fans could watch the battle unfold all around them with either their mobile’s accelerometer or through the dragging feature on PC.

After the action unfolded, fans were prompted to call upon Iron Man to land at the location they set. Users could then share their Ironman landing experience on their social media.

Fans were then encouraged to enter the informative “Explore Stark Expo” site which gave them a 360-degree look at the new Disney attraction through the eyes of Jarvis – Ironman’s AI. The site even let fans plan their own itinerary based on their personal details and customise it to who they were traveling with.



6.7 million users reached

We achieved double-digit growth in attendance as well as 50,000 new followers.