Interactive Campaign

Hong Kong Disneyland

We created an interactive campaign that recruited millions to join Marvel’s Superheroes.


Marvel fans assemble

In what was one of the hottest summers in Hong Kong in recent memory, we were tasked with getting more fans to participate in the many outdoor Marvel-themed activities Disneyland was running at the theme park and around the city.


An interactive chatbot

Instead of recruiting fans to attend, we playfully recruited shield agents with an interactive chatbot designed to help fans unleash their inner superhero. The chatbot would help fans reveal their hero personalities and problem-solving skills through a series of fun interactive simulations. With the collected data, we paired our fans and soon to be agents with their most compatible Marvel superhero to take down the enemy together.


From creatively themed arts and crafts to envisioning detailed battle plans, our participants were invited to declare their alliances on their social media for friends to see. This further solidified the bond between agent and hero while providing user-generated content for our campaign.

With an impressive collection of social media content introduced to help fans share their identity and accomplishment as a shield agent, our campaign successfully generated excitement and drove increased visits to the park and other events. Making Marvel the hottest buzz in the hottest summer ever.



Driving excitement

The campaign reached over 2 million fans around Hong Kong.