Green Tea Serum


To introduce a new hydrating product, we created a fun hydration station to let people sample the product.


Helping InnisFree stand out

The cosmetic industry is always evolving, and green tea innovations are the new must-have. But Innisfree doesn’t want to be like everyone else. To help them stand out from the crowd, we had to create a unique desire for their new green tea series.


A personalised journey

With a one-of-a-kind hydration station, we lured customers in with an invitation to our booth for an experience of our experimental method of product sampling. This helped to create noise and a desire for hydration in the heart of a major Hong Kong shopping district.


Using a wireless device that would detect skin hydration levels in real-time, our friendly team was able to recommend the ideal product for each customer based on their personalised needs. Further embracing technology, we placed stickers with bio water reacting ink on our customers and gave them a refreshing mist spray to let them witness the positive effects of hydration on their skin instantly.


To further expand our reach and fan base, we embedded a social function into every step of our booth and user journey, helping us spread the word of hydration and our new green tea serum.



We reached over 2 million people on social media with over 50 hours of digital engagement.