Be Cool


We created a frosty live experience to launch a cool new skin care series.


Giving people confidence

In addition to the unbearable summer heat in Hong Kong, skin problems arising from heat can make one less comfortable and less confident. For our target audience, 13 to 30-year-olds, a single degree increase in temperature can magnify skin issues by 10%. So, how can Innisfree and Isobar Hong Kong help give people the confidence to get out there and enjoy summer?


Beating the summer heat

Innisfree created a cool new Lava Seawater Cream Mask that when chilled would have a sorbet-like texture. Packed with minerals and enough cool to give skin a break from the heat, it helps skin stay problem-free. To help launch the product, we needed to create something to show people how this cool new series could keep their skin refreshed and rejuvenated.


For the launch, we used the most popular channel with our target audience - Facebook. Through a live discussion on Facebook, fans were invited to participate and react with emojis to speed up the melting speeds of our products encased in real ice. We were able to educate, entertain and introduce the new Innisfree products to a captive and interactive audience.


Raising the stakes, we created a mini-challenge to reward our top fans with tickets to Jeju, the birthplace of lava seawater.  We also brought in KOLs to help us spread the word. With a flood of social media content, we were able to reach unexpected results uniquely and playfully.



We received a 20%+ positive engagement rate with over 2,600 live interactions.