Audi R8 Launch

Audi Hong Kong

We created an app to launch the all-new Audi R8.


Drive the Audi R8, without getting into one

Test drives in Hong Kong are often restricted by constraints like money, time and famously gridlocked roads. Audi needed an innovative way for people to drive the R8 to its limits.


Audi R8 Neuroracer

We created an app that used Neuro Detection headsets to convert brainwaves into measurable levels of concentration and speed. The more focused you were, the faster the R8 would go on the virtual Hong Kong-inspired racetrack. We even invited real racecar drivers like Edoardo Mortara and Marchy Lee to take a spin in the Neuroracer.


In the fast lane

In just 4 days, more than 1,500 people drove a virtual Audi R8 with their mind. Neuroracer also generated over 4.3 million impressions.