12 June 2019

Isobar CXO Simon Gill Explains why he is discussing Blockchain at Cannes 2019

It’s safe to say Blockchain technology has gathered a reputation for being an overhyped fad.
So why is Simon Gill, Isobar’s EMEA Chief Experience Officer talking about the technology on stage at Cannes this year? We spoke to him to find out. Blockchain - what’s caught your interest? Isobar believes the potential of the technology has far-reaching implications for the media and marketing industry. While Blockchain has been associated with improvements to supply chain, marketplace commerce, cross border transaction, brand transparency and identity management, I am keen to ask what about the creators and creatives? What’s it potential for our industry, and how can it impact the creative people working in it?Why should we sit up and listen?Blockchain could have a gigantic impact on the global media and marketing industry cleaning up ad supply chains, offering more transparency, engendering more trust and being used to pay creators directly. We could even see it develop a new token based economy. At Isobar, we believe that our industry needs to understand the potential impact of Blockchain on brand management, brand experience, creativity and popular culture. We need to grasp what creators can do with it, and by extension who marketers can build on that. We want to ask how we can take the technology and make something human, engaging and valuable with it. Why should anyone attend your presentation in Cannes this year? This session will move the industry forward by showing the immense potential Blockchain presents creatives and creators in producing novel, different and unique digital experiences. From looking at how blockchain works, to how creators can be rewarded for their work, it shows how novel thinking can support creativity in new ways. For example, the culture around Blockchain and its nascent use in the art world is already far-reaching, and I am hoping it will be inspirational session for the Cannes Lions audience!We've planned a workshop where delegates will not only learn the theory, but experience blockchain in practice, and also have an opportunity to play a part in the adoption of this industry-changing technology. Are you attending Cannes? Watch Simon’s session on the Interactive Stage, Palais II on Wednesday 19, 16:45 - 17:15.