29 April 2021

Sustainable commerce is here to stay, we aren’t talking trash

Consumers are choosing to support brands that live up to their principles and values. Commerce is no different. Hear from our Head of Innovation, Alex Hamilton on how your brand can become more planet positive, and outshine your competitors.

Consumers are increasingly choosing to support brands that live up to their principles and values, with 92% of consumers from around the world stating that they’re trying to live more sustainably lives and value brands that are aligned to this purpose.

That said, 54% say they could be doing more and need help in achieving their own sustainability goals. It’s therefore increasingly important for brands to support customers in making the right choice, no matter how big or small, for the planet.

These efforts won’t go unrewarded. It’s been proven time and again that purpose driven concepts are unlocking revenue for brands, with Kantar indicating that brands perceived as having a high positive impact on people’s lives have grown brand value 2.5 times more than brands with low perceived impact.

As a global leader in ecommerce, we understand the mechanics behind an online sale. We also recognise the role we play in driving consumption across a channel that is emitting more and more emissions into the atmosphere.

In terms of greenhouse gas emissions, internet use accounts for 3.7% of global emissions - the equivalent of all air traffic in the world. And this figure is expected to double by 2025 (excluding the Covid-19 effect). In concrete terms, this represents, for the internet alone, an average of 400g of CO2 emitted per inhabitant each year.

With the shift in behaviour we’ve seen during Covid-19, this trend is only going to accelerate in the years ahead and at a time when heavy polluting industries are looking for sustainable solutions, we at Isobar are doing the same to meet the challenge head on.

Our Sustainable Commerce solution combines three of the most important focus areas today: Digital transformation, Commerce and Sustainability

One opportunity to make a difference that we’ve identified is around making the check-out flow more “green”, with research suggesting that 75% of consumers wouldn’t mind receiving their orders later if they knew selecting a shorter delivery period led to more air pollution and congestion.

This finding demonstrates brands’ responsibility to incentivise customers to make green choices by generating more awareness of the impact of their delivery decisions.

Sustainable Commerce is not ”just” about making the fulfillment process “green”, however. It’s about the full customer experience from research to purchase to use to re-purchase.

The approach ranges from “green” coding as means to ensure efficient use of resources, to generating better quality traffic as a way to minimise inefficient use of data power from browsing, plus helping brands make conscious cloud and infrastructure choices. 

As other companies, we at Isobar want to do more and go beyond our social responsibility and net-zero emission goal. We have to change the way we deliver our core business and become sustainable in the way we deliver top line. Delivering sustainable services, such as Sustainable Commerce, should be the standard not an aspiration.

For more information on how our Sustainable Commerce solution can help your business change the planet for the better, please contact Alex Hamilton, our Head of Innovation.