User-Centric Website Design

FinTech Scotland

Fintech wanted to promote economic prosperity through the creation and retention of a skilled local workforce, and needed a website to match.


Clear and concise

Our task was to communicate Scotland as a leading-edge FinTech location to both local and global users interested in Investment, relocation and/or talent sourcing. Moreover, we needed to empower start-ups to set up and manage their own digital "shop-fronts" to attract new investors, users and potential team members.

The purpose and audience for each page were unclear across the Fintech site and also lacked a clear reason for Fintech’s and investors to return to the site. There was no meaningful utility that gave the Scottish Fintech community a sense of belonging.


An integrated ecosystem

We created a flexible CMS linked to a CRM that allowed users and the businesses to grow and engage with the Fintech ecosystem.

The new site gives each of the Fintech's a place to showcase their work and look for investment, with a modern and creative design, thus turning a complex subject into something simpler to be digested. The community forum gave a dedicated place for the community to discuss topics and ask questions, turning Scotland into a major global investment hub. 


A community that benefits all

It was important to create an Ecosystem that would allow partners and investors one place to exist together. An intensive two-day workshop looked at all the different aspects of the Scottish Fintech community and identified features on the site that could enhance the community and bring them together.

The site remains popular, with over 120 new members signing up from launch, ranging across start-ups, scale-ups and businesses, each sharing their success stories.