The Perfect Partnership


We've worked on over 250 projects ranging from VR/AR experiences, interactives, films, animations and everything in-between for VisitScotland.


Find new ways to stimulate visitor growth

Tourism is one of Scotland’s largest industries - contributing £6bn to Scotland’s GDP. VisitScotland’s primary purpose is to 'stimulate new and sustainable growth in the visitor economy' and its mission is to ‘lead, support and contribute' to a collective effort to build a globally competitive visitor economy. It's a big task.


As the digital landscape changes and attention span shortens, it's essential that content is more creative than ever. We realised we had to create content that would be interesting to the audience to capture their attention and keep Scotland front of mind. Content falls before our eyes and is gone in the blink of an eye.


Innovative content with a heart

Working as an extension of the VisitScotland marketing team, we have concentrated on making high-quality, engaging content that makes Scotland easy to discover and explore. Digital technology allows this content to be easily distributed but at the heart of it all is narrative. Even when explaining some of the 'drier' subjects such as the weather, we delivered the information in an entertaining way.


We keep people in mind throughout the whole process. From the outset, we delved into detailed audience profiles to get into the mindset of the people we were communicating to.


We have had 1.5 million views of our Winter Snapshot Series on Facebook and a further 200k+ on YouTube. We have won 2 FWAs for our work with VisitScotland and our ScotlandVR app was featured on the App Store front page with 13.5k downloads in the first week.