Brand Identity


We created a design system that breathes quality through its elegant typography and photography and is at the same time celebrated with joyful colours and a playful illustration language.


Make better food available for the many

People want better, fresher and healthier food. But supermarkets are dominating the landscape and crafts stores like bakeries, butchers and greengrocers are disappearing. Also, while e-commerce helps smaller retailers become successful with better and more sustainable products, the e-commerce grocery business lags far behind. Only 3% of grocery shopping is done online. Also, the online market for locally grown, fresh food is small and not so well organised.

Crisp is the online marketplace for everyone who wants better everyday food. Crisp is on a mission to make better food available for the many. Crisp focuses on super fresh and seasonal food, directly stocked from 500 suppliers. To achieve its mission, Crisp needs to make better daily groceries accessible for a wide audience that comes back on a regular basis.


We chose to tell a simple story

We do not position Crisp as ‘organic’, ‘local’ or ‘healthy’. Even though almost all Crisp products meet these standards, people will associate this with expensive, luxurious, occasional. So we choose to tell a simple story: better taste, super fresh and better quality. In everything we do, we focus on day to day products to convince the consumers of the accessible products. We present the products in an attractive visual style using both photography and illustrations.


After 1 year Crisp could close a successful second round of funding in which both new and all existing investors participated again.