31 March 2020

Isobar EMEA CXO discusses how understanding humanity is the key to commerce success

Simon Gill, Isobar’s Chief Experience Officer, discussed how experience is the next battleground for brands at The Fourth Annual Strategies for E-commerce Success Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria.

He explained, “The rise of brand commerce will require us to create better experiences by understanding the customer better. To help accommodate this we’ll build these commerce solutions.” 
 The Fourth Annual Strategies for E-commerce Success Conference is a regional event that focuses on the most important trends and developments in ecommerce and digital retail sector. The event covers the rapid evolution of how consumers discover, shop and buy and reveal what shapes the Future of retail. Simon’s talk referenced Isobar’s belief that technology augments our experience of the world, allowing us to work more efficiently, to live healthier lifestyles, to make better human decisions and to expand our creativity. He explained why Isobar believes that this is an important moment in human history, and in creating experiences that outlines some of the myriad opportunities that these technological developments open up and shines a light on some of the challenges posed by digital disruption.
 The Annual Strategies for E-commerce Success Conference provides a whole complex of new insight of the Digital Retail and Ecommerce market, and gives marketers in EMEA valuable information on how to grasp the future and be one step ahead of their competitors. The event gives both practical inspiration and proven business solutions and tools to digital and e-commerce market challenges and it provides business opportunities for the entire e-­commerce ecosystem: from merchants to platforms, hosting providers, logistics providers, payment processors and other online solution businesses.
 Simon outlined the Augmented Humanity key trends for 2019:

 • The evolving interface - How the intersection between humans and technology is changing

 • The human algorithm - How data can help us to better understand ourselves and enable better decisions

 • The fluid vs the collective self - How the digital world enhances personal and collective experiences

 • The trust paradox - How technology can help – or hinder – our understanding of the increasingly complex world around us

 • The transformed experience - How Augmented Humanity enables us to feel and experience the world differently and in deeper ways