Zespri, the challenge of "Cut-Scoop-Enjoy"

A social media challenge of “enjoy healthy” to change people’s worries about the pandemic in Taiwan. Let your “body” and “mind” be healthy and invigorate Taiwan with lots of energy.


Under the three-level alert, it is Zespri's mission to accompany Taiwanese to recover their physical and mental health!

On May 28, 2021, Taiwan entered a 60-day three-level alert. This wave of epidemic not only threatened people’s physiology, but also brought huge psychological pressure. When people turn on their phones, all media and communities will have more It is full of negative energy. We believe that at this time when all Taiwan needs positive energy, a leading brand pursuing health, Zespri must not sit idly by!


National mom X community male gods PK in the air! You can also enjoy a healthy community challenge at home!

We recruited “National Mother Lin Meixiu” to launch the “Cut-Scoop-Enjoy” filter challenge and arranged for an unexpected opponent “Community Male God Aaron Yan”! With catchy music and dance, it set off a challenge for consumers Whirlwind, at the same time, also took advantage of the trend to launch a variety of themed calls, from children to pets, from chubby girls to beautiful girls, with KOLs to participate in the challenge!


To reverse the anxiety of the community, everyone is “Cut-Scoop-Enjoy”

For a month, the filter has been used nearly 60,000 times and  reached more than 23 million times. Facebook and IG are all in “Cut-Scoop-Enjoy”, which wants to replace the anxious atmosphere of the epidemic! More importantly, Zespri accompanies everyone to show vitality in the community, replaces anxiety and inspires Taiwan!