It is not easy for a pharma Brand to dialogue with users. A TV sponsorship offered the right opportunity to do so and gained a rapid reaction on social media against all expectations.


A crisis obliged the Brand to deal with users

A TV spot with Niccolò Torrielli acting as testimonial launched the first AcutilQuiz but the proposed solution did not convince the public who started looking for a way to dialogue with the Brand. They found it on social media: Brand and agency are immediately ready to respond.


We created #AcutilQuiz

A Facebook page, the creation of the AcutilQuiz naming, video quizzes, an enthusiastic community, a UGC website.

In a few hours Angelini and Isobar together filled the gap creating a channel to dialogue with users, populating it with engaging content and turned it into a successful format that has aggregated the audience’s interest for the product since 2014, causing a direct and significant impact on the product sales.



Increasing sales

100% sales increase during this campaign, compared to the period before the initiative.