Erik Hallander

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO of Isobar Australia & New Zealand, Erik manages the business across the four offices.

Being part of the Isobar team for twelve years, he has helped grow the team from 60 to 300, establish industry-leading capabilities in technology and innovation, as well as represent Isobar externally through thought leadership in the industry.

Erik joined as a developer, after a period working both in Europe and in America. At Isobar, he has worked with a broad range of clients, as well as across a spectrum of roles in technology and innovation.Infamously straight-talking and immune to stress, Erik is currently tasked with driving the Isobar vision and evolving its business, with the goal of keeping Isobar at the forefront of technology, design, creative, strategy and delivery.

Personally, Erik is a father of two, as well as an avid gamer (and ex-eSport professional), with a relentless passion for good digital products.