17 September 2018

Isobar Global CEO welcomes Northwestern University to Isobar UK

Jean Lin visited Isobar UK’s NowLab space today with 25 Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) students from Northwestern University for a series of inspiring sessions and the chance to experience Isobar’s innovative work.
NowLab launched last year in the UK and is Isobar’s global innovation accelerator initiative, comprising of a physical space to collaborate, hack, experiment, and prototype both internally and with clients. NowLab also gives clients the opportunity to understand how innovation can drive their businesses, unlock new revenue opportunities, and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.Isobar EMEA’s Chief Experience Officer Simon Gill kick started the day with a presentation on the role of creativity and digital in innovation, followed by an introduction to Isobar NowLab by Isobar UK CEO Karl Weaver, and Alex Hamilton, Isobar UK’s Head of Innovation Projects. After stimulating sessions from Isobar UK’s leadership team, the NWU students were invited to test Isobar’s work in the NowLab space. Cannes Lions Digital Craft Grand Prix-winning virtual reality work, Aeronaut, as well as a first-of-its-kind kit launch for Aston Villa Football Club, an Amazon Echo cocktail making experience built for Diageo, a mixed reality showroom for Chevrolet, and an innovative augmented reality digital service for Philips were all on show. Throughout the day, Isobar UK’s innovation, creative and business leaders explained the importance of innovation in today’s experience economy, and why it’s critical for businesses and brands today to seamlessly engage customers across every touchpoint and create new offerings that generate value. In his presentation to the NWU students, Karl Weaver, Isobar UK CEO, shared key insights, “Marketing has gone beyond engaging, communicating and converting customers. Advancements in digital technologies, ecommerce experiences, data insights and creative processes have moved the bar in terms of what businesses and brands offer customers. Through evolving our offering to serve businesses and brands in the experience economy, we’re able to build experiences that engage customers, construct holistic systems that define businesses, and create new offerings that generate value.” Jean Lin, Isobar Global CEO, reiterated the power of innovation, “The marketing and communications landscape has changed as a result of the advancements in technology, presenting the industry with a unique opportunity to create, distribute, and optimise compelling experiences in a mixed reality world. The power of creativity in the experience economy is the differentiator that drives business innovation and truly serves human life, with marketing being a company’s sensor to a customer-centric world. The only limit is our own imagination.”