12 December 2017

Isobar UK CCO cites why creativity should be liberated in the age of technology at Eurobest

In a world driven by technology, data and artificial intelligence, and where customers no longer buy brands, they join them, creatives are being forced to adapt daily to stay relevant. Isobar UK Chief Creative Officer, Simon Gill, recently shared his views on this topic at the Cannes Lions run festival, Eurobest, in London. He was joined,on the Showcase stage by Marine Tanguy, founder of MTArt, the first artist agency in the world. Together the pair gave a whistle stop tour through today’s creative landscape, citing a plethora of modern artists, to highlight the often ignored signs of the seismic shift and what this means to the new breed of creative.
Simon began by discussing why, in this exciting new world, creativity should be liberated, “We're not charging towards a dystopian future, but navigating an exciting new world, where change should be embraced and creativity liberated.” He continued by explaining that to be a “new world” creative no longer means having a single area of expertise, “Don't just be a copywriter, be a film directing, programming copywriter with an interest in CX… and learn to code, even if it’s badly!”
 Marine, an advocate for artists since a young age who managed her first art gallery aged 21, echoed Simon’s point that being creative today isn't about being an expert in a single field. “Art is business,” she said, “don’t invest in art, invest in artists.”
 This resonates within the advertising and marketing industry today, too. Clients demand everyone in their incumbent agencies to understand their business, from account executives and junior designers, through to experience design specialists and creative directors.
 Simon reiterated the importance of understanding business, “It’s your problem, not someone else’s. Understand business models and business jargon.” Simon continued to explain what effect good business knowledge has on creativity, “By having a solid understanding of business, this will ultimately enable you to arrive at the best solution for your clients, which will attract the best results.”
 Concluding the thirty-minute session, the pair cited that traditional “creative teams” no longer exist, and it’s the role of the entire agency to be creative. “In this exciting new world, ideas can come from anyone, anywhere, at any time.” Marine said, “Art is needed now more than ever to help us relate to others, challenge what we see and how we think”.
 Simon’s final message to the audience was key to embracing the shift in the creative landscape moving forward, “Adopt a “yes, and” position, rather than a “yes, but” position. This will lead to better, more effective and more inclusive creativity.”To find out more about Eurobest, click here.