9 November 2020

Isobar Switzerland earns the Innovation Award by Salesforce Switzerland

Isobar Switzerland is proud to have earned the Innovation Award by Salesforce Switzerland, a recognition of our work to drive business growth at Laurastar. Laurastar is a leading Swiss company specializing in high-end ironing equipment, aiming to transform their current platform to better support e-commerce transactions, market reach and digital marketing.

Our approach was to provide an integrated, customer-centric platform powered by Salesforce, adapted to their needs and business objectives. The goal was the redefine how sales representatives manage work, organize meetings and customer interactions by modernizing their IT stack: CRM, website, ecommerce, capabilities, IoT, emailing and digital marketing, social network management systems.

To guarantee successful migration and implementation of our solution, 5 legacy systems were replaced with robust Salesforce solutions, connecting to their Oracle EBS ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) using Mulesoft.

Finally, the architecture to plan and execute operational changes was based on the seamless interaction of multiple Salesforce Clouds:

  • Sales Cloud functions as the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system for both B2C & B2B clients
  • Service Cloud is the customer service platform of reference, including Service Console, CTI and email-to-case
  • Community Cloud was implemented to support ambassadors with product showcases
  • IoT Cloud stored IoT data from ironing systems
  • Marketing Cloud and its studios provide advanced solutions for digital marketing, emailing, mobile campaigns, and social networks monitoring.
  • The e-commerce platform is based on Commerce Cloud, available across continents and countries, in various languages.

This solution provides a centralized view of all activities linked to B2C and B2B clients

  1. The point-of-sales managed in Sales Cloud, used for visits and demonstration management, are visible on the website store locator
  2. Customers can subscribe to demonstrations from the “planning page”
  3. Orders placed on Commerce Cloud are accessible via Service Cloud, automatically sent to Oracle using Mulesoft
  4. Client data is synchronized between Sales Cloud, Commerce Cloud and Oracle using Mulesoft
  5. Client data in Sales Cloud is accessible from Marketing Cloud for marketing campaigns

The solution has given Laurastar a push closer to modernization, allowing them to better foster their business growth with an end-to-end enterprise platform. Their transition to using Salesforce technology has helped them maintain customer contact, provide customer services through home-office operations, targeting new customers while increasing e-commerce transactions. As the solution was launched a few months before the popular shopping day Black Friday, with very positive results on their success on the day.

Adoption and Success were the two main focuses for our Customer Success group. Our pre-defined measurements of overall user adoption and satisfaction from users, sales and customer service were determined successful.

Over the years, we have evolved as a true partner alongside Laurastar, delivering customer success and innovation to our clients. With our industry experience and expertise, our range of holistic offerings will help you create, define, and implement your future-facing strategy, driving management buy-in and organizational change, moving your organization forward with a clear vision.

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